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How Landscaping Can Significantly Increase Your Home’s Worth

Landscaping is not just a means to beautify your home; it’s a solid investment with tangible returns. In the realm of home improvements, it’s a unique beast – while trendy interior designs and the latest in tech advancements may lose their luster, a well-planted garden only grows in value, quite literally, as each season passes.

The Lush Dividend: Landscaping as an Investment

Let’s talk numbers. A carefully landscaped property can give a substantial price advantage over one that lacks this feature. Depending on the original value of your home and the type of landscaping, this advantage can be between 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent. On a $300,000 property, that’s an additional $16,500 to $38,100 in your pocket when it’s time to sell. But landscaping is more than just planting a few flowers or shrubs.

First Impressions: More Than Just Aesthetic

It’s all about the first impression. A meticulously designed landscape speaks volumes about the care given to the home. This is often the first indicator for buyers about how well-maintained the home may be on the inside. As any experienced real estate agent will tell you, homes that exude charm and warmth from the street are much more inviting to prospective buyers than their dreary counterparts.

The Nitty-Gritty: What Buyers Look For

Buyers are on the lookout for a landscape that shows thought and effort. Manicured designs top the list, followed closely by the size and maturity of the plants. Diversity in plant life is also a factor, albeit a lesser one, but it indicates a well-thought-out garden that provides interest and variety.

Setting a Budget for Green Gold

How much should you actually spend on landscaping to maximize your return? Investing about 5% of your home’s value into a quality, low-maintenance landscape could boost your resale value by as much as 15%. That’s a 150% return on your investment.

Erik Shorb, from the Bethesda-based nursery and landscaping company American Plant, suggests investing 10% of your home’s value for the most significant impact.

The Pitfalls of Piecemeal

A common misstep homeowners make is approaching landscaping as a series of unconnected projects, leading to a disjointed appearance. This is where professional landscape design can make a difference, providing a cohesive plan that not only looks polished but is also budget-conscious.

The Ultimate Payoff

Professionally landscaped properties don’t just stand out; they sell out. Joan Honeyman, of Honeyman Landscape Architecture in Washington, D.C., highlights that a home’s exterior is what sets the stage for potential buyers. A well-designed landscape can contribute up to 20% of your home’s overall value.

In essence, landscaping is akin to giving your home a facelift – it’s the first thing people see and the last they forget. When considering selling, a smartly landscaped garden isn’t just decoration; it’s an investment that bears fruit long after the initial planting.

So, before you dive into remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, pause and consider the greenery framing your abode. With the right design, your garden isn’t just growing plants – it’s growing value.



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